Do you really like ice cream that much?

Of course, who doesn’t?

What’s your favourite flavour?

Vanilla, because it goes with everything. Of course, we always have it with something!

What kind of ice cream makers are there?

We view there as being 3 types. They range from the most basic to the most expensive in this order: there are a limited number that you put in the freezer and stir the ice cream as it freezes. Mid-range are the more common ones that have a bowl that you place in the freezer, usually overnight. You take it out, pour your mixture in, it stirs it as the cold bowl freezes it. Generally you end up putting the mixture in the freezer afterwards too for a final little freeze. The final kind starts to get more expensive as they freeze the mixture as they stir it – i.e. they’re one ice cream making unit.

Can I have some of your ice cream?

No. We’re going to eat it all ourselves. Make your own – that’s the point!

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